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Top Class Universities in Canada

The emphasis on research in post-secondary education has greatly improved the statuses of Canadian universities. 10 or more Canadian universities have been selected for different rankings of top class universities in the world. Other than the high academic standards upheld by Canadian universities, there are diverse schools of studies students can choose from. These include but are not limited to computer science and technology, agriculture, environmental studies, medicine, telecommunications among others. The government and equally the private sector have remained supportive in research projects to make Canadian universities offer nothing less than cutting edge education.

Best Place to Study and Live in canada

As one of the countries to launch a multiculturalism policy, Canada was always going to be a great place for foreigners. Having been voted for consecutive years as the best country to live and study in, Canada has been welcoming more than 200,000 researchers and students each year. For most of these students, making the decision was not entirely hard at all. Other than the possibility of landing a scholarship from the government or other initiatives, there are other attractive reasons students want to further their education in Canada. Affordable Living Costs in Canada

With Canada, you will enjoy the benefits of living in a first-world economy, at a relatively low cost. The country has three territories which have been subdivided into ten provinces hosting an average population of 35 million. Bordering Canada to the south is the USA. The two countries have strong immigration arrangements that allow Canadians to move to the USA, and hence you will find a majority of the 35million settling around the border area. The government and Canadian natives are all committed to ensuring for a diverse culture. Everyone is friendly to each other, and this diversity of freedom serves as a protection to all. The country is peaceful, stable and quite safe with a very low crime rate, making it easy for international students to settle in. Employment Rate in canada

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